Frequently Asked Questions

The Dataset

How can I access the dataset?

FSOCO’s motto is “sharing is caring” and, thus, we can only grant access to the dataset once we received your team’s contribution. We have chosen the minimum required size of your contribution such that it is small enough not to be a burden and large enough for the dataset to grow naturally.

Which object classes to you support?

Please check out our overview page for a list of supported classes and object tags.


Why did you choose Supervisely?

In the first version of FSOCO we experienced a large variety in terms of data quality between the teams. While also being more rigorous on checking the image quality, we saw the need to introduce a common labeling standard. This is easier if everyone uses the same tool since we can provide better support and enforce common class names. Due to positive experience in previous projects, we decided to use Supervisely for this job.

How to add the FSOCO plugins to our team?

Explore => Plugins => search for fsoco => add the plugins

Add FSOCO plugins gif

We still cannot use the FSOCO plugins.

Currently, custom Supervisely plugins can only be used with your own agent. It is pretty straightforward to add your own computer, just click on the “Cluster” menu on the left side within Supervisely and follow the instructions. Further help can be found here.


Who are you?

We are Niclas from AMZ Driverless, David from Munich Motorsport, and Michael from Fast Forest. In early 2020 we saw the need to re-design the concept of the original version of FSOCO, maintained by Munich Motorsport. In the following months and countless video calls, we came up with our labeling guidelines, designed this website, and developed tools to get you started. Having backgrounds in different teams, we see FSOCO as a project “for the DV community, from the DV community”.

How can I help?

There are various ways how you can help FSOCO.
First and foremost, if your team has labels, please make them available to FSOCO. Additionally, we are always looking for useful extensions to our tools site. Please consider to make a PR to our GitHub repository if you have written some code that might be helpful for other teams. Finally, if would like to support FSOCO in another way, please get in touch with us.

Are you associated to any event or FSAE?

No, we are not associated to neither FSAE nor any Formula Student event. FSOCO is a pure community project.